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Connecting to Your Open Mind


ch4img2Learning to use your Open Mind and see your Chattering Mind clearly are skills—and like learning any skill it takes lots of practice.

Practices that strengthen your connection to your Open Mind are:

  • Focusing your Awareness on both your Open Mind and Chattering Mind
  • Consciously exploring your Chattering Mind
  • Wisely placing your Inner Attention in the Open Mind
  • Developing a conscious relationship between your Chattering Mind and Open Mind

Today, we’ll start with Awareness.

Awareness is the foundation to knowing deeply your Open Mind and your Chattering Mind.

Awareness is your inner ability to open your focus and clearly see the Present Moment.

This means taking in fully, without the unconscious, obstructed view of your Chattering Mind, your own thoughts, body and environment.

You can imagine your Awareness is like a flashlight – wherever you shine that light you are able to see more clearly, bringing the present moment into clear focus.

Nothing magical or mystical here – your awake, open Awareness is fundamental to being human.

Experiment today waking up your own Awareness.

When you remember, use your breath or body to come out of your Chattering Mind and more fully into the Present Moment. And then pay attention to how this might change your experience of your self and/or your situation.

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