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#MindfulMonday – Body Awareness


Kids User Guide Yoga
Just like your breath, the sensations of your body happen only in the present moment.

Your beating heart, the feeling of your feet in your shoes on the ground, the texture of your clothes on your skin are all bridges to bring your Inner Attention out of your Chattering Mind and back into the present moment. The more you invite your Inner Attention to the sensations of your body, the more you draw your attention out of the Chattering Mind.

When you are lost in the fog of your Chattering Mind, you start to feel like a head pulling around a body. This is disjointing for your body and starts to shift you towards “flight or fight” mode.

Consciously bringing your Inner Attention into the fullness of your physical body calms your brain and allows you to feel more whole and alive.

It is very simple. Don’t overthink or complicate it. When you find yourself rushing around or spacing out, invite your Inner Attention to the feeling of your whole body. Feel your ribs moving gracefully in response to your breath. Feel the wind and sun on your skin. Feel the sensation of your palms resting on your legs. Touch, with your attention, the aliveness that is right here.

Then take note – Does becoming more present in your body change your relationship to your Chattering Mind? Your sense of self? Your experience of this human life?

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