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#MindfulMonday – Hear the Silence



Along with your breath and body, Silence can also anchor you back into your Open Mind and the Present Moment.

Your Chattering Mind is a loud and active place most days. And the more your Chattering Mind is stimulated by television, computers, smart phones, video games and music, the louder your Chattering Mind becomes.

Your Chattering Mind thrives on entertainment and distraction. It loves to be occupied by all the noise of our technological world and stimulated by everything you see and hear.

But underneath all the noise of our technological world and the Chattering Mind is a ground of Silence. You can hear it when you switch off all your electronic devices and allow your Inner Attention to step out of your inner dialogue and into the spacious clarity of the quiet.

You can even see how the natural world seems to live in this Silence. The warm afternoon sun silently shining on your favorite tree. The wild flowers growing quietly in the meadow. The stars moving across the vastness of the open sky. This quiet is empty of all of your stories about who you are or who you think you should be. It is open to all of the possibilities of who you are and can be.

Throughout your day, when you notice you are lost in the fog of your Chattering Mind, kindly invite your inner attention out of your Chatter and into the Silence around you.

If you need to unplug everything, go for it! (You may even need to get outside to a quiet spot under a tree).

As you shift your inner attention to Silence, allow yourself to consciously soak in the spaciousness and aliveness you, and everything around you, seem to be swimming in.

Notice how letting the openness of Silence into your Awareness may change your experience of your Chattering Mind.


  1. Love this post especially! It speaks to how technology can entertain yet distract us…. so true!

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