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#MindfulMonday – Your Open Mind’s Home is the Present Moment


ch3img4Think back again to the day you were born—your wide open, fresh mind. This is the original state of your Inner Navigator. This Open Mind is still within you.

Your Open Mind has the ability to be present, can take in the vastness of possibilities of each moment and is open to fresh, new thoughts that are not a part of the same old loop.

Your Open Mind is always connected to the present moment and responsive to your Life as it is happening. It is just so covered over by all the chatter that you may have forgotten it is there.

Your Open Mind also has the mysterious ability to be aware of your Chattering Mind. When you find your Inner Attention and mindfully place it on your Chattering Mind, you begin to hear what you are saying to yourself. And placing your Inner Attention on your Chattering Mind begins to lessen its unconscious pull on you.

You may have had flashes of your Open Mind while in nature. It awakens when you sit at the ocean’s edge, look at the grandeur of the mountains or see the mystery of the night sky.

Or maybe you have had glimpses of your Open Mind while fully absorbed in doing something you love. You connect to your Open Mind when you paint, play music, ride your bike or score a goal in soccer.

Your Open Mind’s home is the present moment. You know you are seeing the world through your Open Mind when you feel fully present, enlivened by your adventure and deeply at peace on your journey. The presence and aliveness you feel in these moments are at the core of your Open Mind.

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