Kids User Guide to a Human Life

a book series offering 9 to 12 year-olds fun, practical information on how to live a life with less stress and more joy

The Kid’s User Guide to a Human Life Book One: An Open Mind



Hello Adventurous Ones!

The Kid’s User Guide to a Human Life is taking the week off to prepare for all of the wonderful upcoming festivities surrounding our book release in November!

A few things while we’re away:

Have you seen our book trailer? We’d love for you to share it with your friends and family!

Have you taken one of our yoga classes or guided meditations on @hitPLAYyoga yet? It’s so fun to “meet” you on your mat or meditation cushion and share a class with you.

Have you been following our #MindfulMonday series? Have a look at some of our favorites here, here and here.

While you’re at it, take a peek at our Friday Keep It Simple, Adventurous Ones series here, here and here.

Have you met our author Rebecca and our illustrator Brooke? Take a look at their websites to get to know them better.

Wednesday October 29th, Rebecca will be on KPCW at 9:05 am mountain time discussing The Kid’s User Guide. Tune in online and have a listen!

Are you on Facebook or Twitter? We’d love for you to connect with us there too! We post our favorite articles, teachers, quotes and pictures there that explore living a mindful and healthy life.

Did you know that The Kid’s User Guide to a Human Life is available on Kindle already?! Amazon has already started shipping their orders of The Kid’s User Guide. We love getting posts and messages of you and your book. Keep them coming!

Have a great week friends!

We’ll return in November with fun book happenings and NEW material from Book Two: An Open Heart!


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