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New #MindfulMonday :: Life Is More Like A River


The beginnings of our adventure from Book One: An Open Mind revealed that when you are present you are connected to the qualities of the moment, like openness and aliveness.
When you are present, you can see clearly what is happening before you and make the most intelligent choice in that moment.
When you are present, you are connected to deep courage, bravery and patience—giving you the ability to open to all of the joy, sorrow and challenge this human life will surely bring.
You saw how when your Inner Attention is placed consciously and wisely in your Open Mind you are able to bravely live this adventurous life to its fullest!
During this next part of the journey, we’ll look at how Life isn’t very solid, but more like a river.

Thoughts, experiences and emotions constantly flow in and out of your Open Mind and Awareness.

We’ll explore how your Chattering Mind unconsciously interacts with this boundless and groundless flow.

And we’ll look at how when the mysterious flow of life is met bravely and consciously from your Open Mind it begins to connect you back to the qualities of your own Open Heart, your true home.

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