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Where Do They Come From, Anyway?


Kids User Guide IguanaWhere do all of the stories in your Chattering Mind come from?

Your brain is ablaze with neuron activity and pathways created by all you have learned – consciously and unconsciously until this point.

Your mind deeply stores this learned information from your family, culture and society and relays it to you through your Chattering Mind.

Think back to when you were a baby—the very first day that you came into this world. You were fresh and bright and wide open to all that was happening.

Each day since, you’ve been actively learning.

You consciously learn abstract concepts like speaking, writing and reading to communicate with others around you. You learn how to reason with your parents so that you can have your desires met. You know how to care for yourself—how and what to eat, how to use the bathroom, how to brush your teeth.

You also learn by unconsciously absorbing all that is around you.

You notice how your mom and dad interact—their loving embraces, their stressors, how they treat one another when disagreeing. You are aware of how other families—moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts and uncles—interact and treat one another. You note what behavior is considered positive by your teacher’s reactions to you and your classmates. And you absorb what is acceptable and unacceptable in your local and global community by witnessing how others act and react towards each other.

Let your breath and body be an anchor as you listen to what you are saying to yourself today.

As you hear what your Chattering Mind is saying, get curious – who or what in your life influenced this particular story? Where did it come from? What happens as you simply listen to your Chattering Mind?

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