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You are Simply Paying Attention


ch4img2On one hand your Awareness is a step towards knowing and living from your Open Mind because both live in the present moment. When you use your Awareness, you connect to your ability to be present.

On the other hand your Awareness allows you to know your Chattering Mind by really hearing what you’re saying to yourself day in and day out.


With your Awareness you can see how your Chattering Mind is almost never in the present moment, clouding your Inner Attention’s ability to see clearly.

Using your Awareness, you can begin to investigate what you say to yourself.

As you begin to pay attention, be sure not to judge or ever change what your Chattering Mind is saying. You want to know your own thoughts so well—like you want to know your dearest friend.

And just like you would treat your friend with love and kindness, so too you want to treat whatever you find in your Chattering Mind.

You are simply paying attention.


  1. Notice that you can help big people with this too, asking them to notice.

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