Kids User Guide to a Human Life

a book series offering 9 to 12 year-olds fun, practical information on how to live a life with less stress and more joy

Mindful Body Awareness Yoga Classes and Guided Meditation in my VirtualStudio on hitPLAYyoga

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Body Awareness is the practice of bringing your Inner Attention out of your Chattering Mind and into the feeling of your body. Consciously bringing your Inner Attention into the fullness of your physical body calms your brain and allows you to feel more whole and alive.

To practice Body Awareness, look for the classes Awareness Flow Level I, Awareness Flow Level II and Guided Awareness Meditation in my VirtualStudio on hitPLAYyoga!

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Kids User Guide Yoga

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  1. Yoga are of utmost importance for a healthy and disease free living. Yoga of the human body are the primary tools that supply universal energies to an individual’s body.

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