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#MindfulMonday – Working Consciously with your Chattering Mind and Nervous System

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intimg1 The communication between your Chattering Mind and nervous system is essential to your survival. It keeps you alert and safe.

As a safety feature your Chattering Mind tends to be based on critical, fearful and doubting thoughts and beliefs. And these thoughts become habitual, tending to loop over and over again throughout your day.

Much like the looping quality of your Chattering Mind, your nervous system and brain keep looping information back and forth. So when you send a fear-based message through thought to your brain, your brain then sends information to the “flight or fight” system to kick on.

When you are unaware of this process, your Chattering Mind, brain and nervous system keep looping fear back and forth throughout your being. When this happens you begin to experience and see the world through this stressed state of your mind and body.

When you are not mindful of your own internal chatter, the above loop tends to be a default setting, to one degree or another, in all your adventures. At one end of the spectrum it leaves you constantly distracted and unable to be present to your adventure as it is miraculously unfolding. On the other end, this heightened way of living can lead to anxiety, exhaustion, obsessive thinking and depression.

However, there are ways to consciously work with your Chattering Mind and intelligent nervous system so that you don’t get caught in this unconscious loop.

It may seem overly simple, but begin again to bring your Inner Attention to your breath.

Your breath is always happening in the present moment.

Through out your day, when you notice your Inner Attention is lost in the ramblings of your Chattering Mind, practice bringing your focus back to the present through your breath. Keep it that simple.

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  1. So essential for healthy living.

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