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#MindfulMonday (& Book Launch Week & Giveaway)


Good Morning, Adventurous Ones!

This is an exciting week for us here at The Kid’s User Guide – it’s our launch week!

Over on Amazon we’ve been the #1 New Release in Children’s Books all weekend and on THREE Best Seller Lists!!! We are over the moon. Thank you for sharing, re-blogging, Facebook-ing and tweeting about us and helping us to change the world one kid (and inner kid) at a time.

As a gift to you, we would like to give two books away – please leave a comment here and a winner will be chosen on Friday at random. Let your friends know too. Good Luck!

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When you examine your Chattering Mind with your Awareness, stay aware of your Open Mind.

Even imagine that your Open Mind is holding and patiently exploring each story your Chatting Mind spins, no matter how stormy.

As you hold your Chattering Mind in your Open Mind, notice the shift of your Inner Attention. Instead of unconsciously living under the influence of your Chattering Mind, you are beginning to live consciously from the presence and freedom of your Open Mind.

This is BIG! Your Open Mind is becoming your home base to navigate from on your wild and adventurous Life!


  1. That’s my son — chattering mind, chattering mouth!

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