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#MindfulMonday – You Have a Choice

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Learning to hold the stories that you find in your Chattering Mind in the light of your Awareness and the clarity of your Inner Attention (instead of getting unconsciously lost or caught up in them) is exciting!

Because now you have a choice—to either unconsciously go along with the old habits of your Chattering Mind or to wake up fully to the freshness of the present moment.

Inner Attention placed in the present moment opens you to all that you are—your original, open, present Inner Navigator.

When you are present you are connected to the qualities of your heart—like love, joy and compassion.

When you are present, you can see clearly what is happening before you and make the wisest choice in that moment.

When you are present, you are connected to your deep strength, power and patience—all of which help you to open bravely to whatever is, no matter how challenging or enjoyable.

Your Inner Attention, placed consciously and wisely in your Open Mind, allows you to live this adventurous Life to its fullest!

One Comment

  1. Yes, adventure and fun is all around us, once we slow down and notice.

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