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#MindfulMonday :: Your Chattering Mind Is Always Shifting And Changing



So then you might answer, “I am my thoughts, my Chattering Mind.”

But look and you’ll see that your mind and thoughts work much the same way.

If you look closely and openly at your Chattering Mind you’ll see that your thoughts arise naturally then dissolve on their own.

One moment you may think an idea you have is great and the next moment you may think it’s foolish.

Even the stickiest thoughts, when allowed time and space, eventually shift, change or transform.

A thought that may have caused your Chattering Mind great distress a year ago is now a faint memory.

Emotions follow this same dynamic pattern. When allowed their natural flow, they tend to surge up like a wave then pass on their own.

You may wake up one morning feeling down. By lunch you may feel overjoyed spending time with your friends. By the end of lunch you may feel annoyed by these same friends. And then that night at home you may feel lonely for your friends.

You see, the “you” your Chattering Mind takes to be so solid is actually always shifting and changing—year to year, month to month, week to week, day to day, moment to moment and even second to second.

No part of you is ever the same.

So then, who are you really?


  1. The ultimate question…who are you really ? I believe we are so much more than our thoughts…it has kept me sane. Nice piece. Van

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