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New Mindful Monday :: Breathe



Your breath is always in the present moment.

Every time you place your Inner Attention on your breath, you step out of the small, solid-feeling Chattering Mind and back into the flow of life.

Practice :: This week, wherever you are, when you “wake up” to the fact that you are not present and lost in your Chattering Mind, kindly invite your Inner Attention to your breath.

Follow the experience of your breath with your Inner Attention.

Really feel what it feels like to breathe—the tickle of air through your nose, the expanding of your ribs fully, the feeling of release as you exhale.

As you feel your breath, let the spaciousness of your Open Mind into your attention. Feel your aliveness. Remember, you are not just your Chattering Mind.


  1. I was inspired to write about meditation today as well and quieting the chatter inside my mind. I have truly seen benefits from just a few minutes of stillness and meditation in my life. Thanks so much for sharing and bringing this to others attention.

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