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New Mindful Monday :: Labeling Experience


“Seek not that the things which happen should happen as you wish; but wish the things which happen to be as they are, and you will have a tranquil flow of life.” —Epictetus

This dynamic life is constantly flowing through you.

Life pours in through your senses creating different sensations, experiences, thoughts and emotions.

Yet how is it that your Chattering Mind feels so solid if every part of you is always in flux?

Your Chattering Mind naturally registers the flow of life as it comes in as Like, Dislike or Indifference.

Your Chattering Mind then begins to build a solid sense of self by Attaching to what you Like, Resisting what you Dislike and Checking Out when you are Indifferent.

This constant, unconscious categorizing begins to cut you off from your dynamic, alive Open Mind.

Most of the time this process happens so fast and unconsciously that you are unaware that you are labeling your experiences and yourself this way.

Practice :: When you notice your Inner Attention Attaching to sensations, experiences, thoughts and/or emotions you Like – pause, feel your breath and remember your Open Mind.

No need to try to do anything to Attachment or Like – just notice, breathe and let your Open Mind into your attention.

Pay attention to how this may change the experience of Attaching.

Try the same in the moments you recognize you are Resisting or Indifferent – pause, breathe, allow your Open Mind in and then notice how this may change your experience.

Is there a little more space? A little more wisdom? More aliveness? More presence?

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