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New Mindful Monday :: Dislike and Resistance


CH2IMG2The same is true for experiences that you Dislike.

When you don’t like something, your Chattering Mind Resists it.

Imagine you are caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella or raincoat.

You are wearing your favorite outfit and you’re getting drenched!

This is not what you wanted to happen today, yet here you are soaking wet.

For most Adventurers, an inner Resistance quickly comes up—“I don’t like this! Why is this happening to me? I don’t want this to happen to me!”

When you Dislike an experience your Chattering Mind pushes it away—sometimes internally, sometimes physically and sometimes both.

And your Resistance surely worsens the situation.

You are getting wet and it feels cold and miserable, yes. However, adding anger and Resistance to this situation will only increase your distress.

Your Chattering Mind also builds an entire set story about your Resistance being who you are—“Nothing ever goes my way! Why do bad things always happen to me?” And getting caught in this only narrows your Chattering Mind’s perception and small sense of self.

However,  you are so much more than this small sense of self – you are more so your Open Mind.

Practice :: This week, begin to pay attention to what you Dislike.

Inquire :: Can you sense or feel the feeling of Resistance, through your Inner Attention, to what you dislike?

Without any judgement at all, can you just notice what Dislike and/or Resistance feels like in your Chattering Mind, your body and your breath?

When you bring your Inner Attention to Dislike and Resistance, does it change the story, sensations, or experiences at all?

Does bringing your Inner Attention to Dislike and/or Resistance awaken your Open Mind?

If yes, how is your experience of Dislike changed by a bit more awareness, space and presence?

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