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Mindful Monday :: Indifference and Checking Out


At other times, you are Indifferent to your experiences.

Things you do over and over every single day tend to register as benign.

During activities like brushing your teeth and hair, eating the same old breakfast and getting dressed and off to school you Check Out.

If you begin to pay attention, you’ll notice that as you move through these activities, you’re not at all present.

Most times, you’ll find your Inner Attention lost unconsciously in the noise of the Chattering Mind.

When you are Indifferent to an experience, you move into an automatic way of being.

Without paying attention or being very present, you automatically move through your day in Chattering Mind mode.

You may be brushing your teeth physically, but mentally you are going through a conversation or experience with your best friend.

This seems harmless enough, but when you look closely you’ll see this makes you out of touch with and forgetful of the alive, dynamic quality of life.

And this may be happening the majority of your days!

This continually keeps you out of touch with the alive, dynamic Adventurer you truly are.

Practice :: This week, begin to pay attention to when you are Indifferent.

Inquire :: Can you sense or feel the feeling of Checking Out, through your Inner Attention, to when you are Indifferent?

Without any judgement at all, can you just notice what Indifference and/or Checking Out feels like in your Chattering Mind, your body and your breath?

When you bring your Inner Attention to Indifference and Checking Out, does it change the story, sensations, or experiences at all?

Does bringing your Inner Attention to Indifference and/or Checking Out remind you of your aliveness and openness?

If yes, how is your experience of Indifference changed by a bit more awareness, space and presence?

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