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Mindful Monday :: Cultivating a Brave Relationship with Feelings and Emotions


Attachment, Resistance and Checking Out happen countless times each day.

However, when your Chattering Mind is unconsciously Attaching to the experiences you Like, Resisting the experiences you Dislike, and Checking Out during the experiences that cause Indifference, you are unknowingly solidifying a small, solid-feeling sense of self.

Lost in your small self, you begin to forget the awake, aware and dynamic Adventurer you really are.

Like, Dislike and Indifference are also the starting point for all of your emotions.

When you consciously allow emotions to flow through your own Awake Awareness and Open Mind, they bring clarity and connect you deeply to your life as it unfolds moment to moment.

When you are unconsciously lost in emotions, they tend to reinforce the small sense of the Chattering Mind. And being lost in the small self is uncomfortable at best and painful at worst.

Seeing this more clearly will give you a greater understanding of your emotions, allowing you to have a brave and courageous relationship with them.

And beginning to have a brave and courageous relationship with your emotions will lead you closer to answering, “Who am I really?”

Practice :: This week try one of our guided meditations to help you remember your natural ability to open to the flow of thoughts, feelings and emotions that are moving through you.

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