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Mindful Monday :: Like, Attachment and Emotions


When you Like something—a thought, a person or an experience—and you are functioning from your Chattering Mind, you Attach or cling to that experience.

Imagine your favorite outfit.

You love how it fits, looks and feels.

You wear that outfit at least once a week.

It feels like a true reflection of your style and personality.

Now imagine that your younger sister has asked to borrow this outfit on the same day you plan to wear it.

She has a big presentation in science class and wants to look her best.

Reacting from your Chattering Mind, you quickly and aggressively say, “No Way! That is MY outfit!” As your sister leaves your room defeated, you think, “How could she even think for a minute I’d give up my favorite outfit? I need this outfit!”

Attachment and clinging give rise to feelings of greed, fear and possessiveness.

When you are not mindful of Like leading to Attachment and clinging, these are the emotions that naturally arise and influence your perspective and behavior.

Even though you succeeded in thwarting your sister’s attempt to borrow your clothes, you are left with these feelings swimming through you. And no Adventurer ever feels at home when greed and fear lurk within.

Practice :: Start to get to know what Like and Attachment feel like in your body and mind.

Open your Inner Attention to all of the sensations in your body when you notice that Like and Attachment are present.

Feel your breath and listen to the stories and emotions that are bubbling up.

Do you see a pattern – in how you hold your body, which stories you tell yourself, what emotions follow?

Is there some space or openness when you allow the sensations, thoughts and emotions to flow through you without getting your Inner Attention unconsciously caught up in them?

What happens if you place your Inner Attention into the space and openness in your mind instead of the sensations, thoughts and emotions of Like and Attachment that are flowing through?

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