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Mindful Monday :: Mindfully Working With Like And Attachment


However, when what you Like is met from your present Open Mind the feelings that naturally follow are joy, kindness and generosity.

Imagine being present and open when your sister explains that your favorite outfit would help her breeze through her presentation with confidence and ease.

Chances are you would feel the grasping of wanting to hold on to your outfit, but at the same time recognize that you would enjoy helping out your sister.

This conscious “stepping beyond” also creates a chemical change in your body.

As you bring your Inner Attention to your Open Mind and deepen your breath, you are able to move your diaphragm fully, thereby activating the vagus nerve, which in turn activates your parasympathetic nervous system.

From here your heart rate slows down creating a deeper sense of ease, blood vessels dilate oxygenating your blood and lungs, digestion is activated releasing nutrients into your body and energy is restored.

At the same time, your prefrontal cortex becomes accessible.

Your prefrontal cortex, when activated, suppresses negative emotions, quiets the reactionary part of the brain called the amygdala and increases your ability to think clearly.

You may decide to not share your outfit, but chances are you will be open and kind, creating space for you and your sister to find a resolution.

You remember how nervous you get when you have to present in class and you would like to ease that discomfort for your little sister.

You’ve got plenty of other great clothes anyway or maybe an even better outfit to share.

Because of staying connected to your Open Mind you are able to bravely be with your own Attachment and clinging and then step beyond it and open to the truly kind Adventurer you are.

Practice :: This week, when you notice yourself caught in grasping, bravely let your Inner Attention come back to your breath and body. Remember you’re ability to meet challenging situations and interactions with an Open Mind and Open Heart.

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