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Mindful Monday :: Mindfully Working With Your Mind, Brain & Nervous System


The good news is that you can mindfully work with your own mind, brain and nervous system.

When your Chattering Mind is unconsciously grasping, an ongoing loop is created with the physical responses in your body. They begin to feed one another, looping continuously, and can lead to anxiety, obsessive thinking or depression.


However, when you are consciously using your Inner Attention and awakening your Open Mind, you are activating your parasympathetic nervous system and prefrontal cortex.

You are creating a biological environment within your body that supports your Open Mind. In turn, your Open Mind deepens the well being within your nervous system and body, creating the space for you to have a conscious relationship with your Chattering Mind.

Practice :: This week, practice the Breath, Body, Quiet Meditation.

As you move through each day, remember to return your Inner Attention to your breath, body or silence to awaken your parasympathetic nervous system, prefrontal cortex and Open Mind. Pay Attention to how this changes your experience of  situations, challenges, relationships and self.

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