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Mindful Monday :: What Does It Mean To Be Present?



When you are present you are connected to the qualities of the moment, like openness and aliveness.

When you are present, you can see clearly what is happening before you and make the most intelligent choice in that moment.

When you are present, you are connected to deep courage, bravery and patience—giving you the ability to open to all of the joy, sorrow and challenge this human life will surely bring.

Being present is a natural capacity you are born with that can be strengthened with practice.

Practice :: This week, set an intention to be more present.

When you notice your Inner Attention is caught in your Chattering Mind and you are not present, consciously shift your Inner Attention back to the moment.

Start to cultivate this as an ongoing habit—all day, every day. Practice in the shower, while you’re eating, talking with friends, driving in the car—wherever and whenever you remember you ability to be present—shift your Inner Attention out of your Chattering Mind and back to what you are doing.

Each time you do, you are strengthening your natural capacity to be present!

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