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Mindful Monday :: Indifference, Checking Out and Emotions



Similiar to Like and Attachment and Dislike and Resistance, when you are Indifferent to Life as it moves through you, you tend to Check Out and disconnect from the moment, living mainly in your Chattering Mind.

If you pay attention the next time you are doing your chores, you will notice this tendency.

Most times, while cleaning your room or taking out the garbage, you are just trying to get it done so you can get onto the next thing.

This moving mindlessly through your moments gives rise to feelings of boredom, spaciness and non-presence.

However, when you bring your Open Mind to the activities you are Indifferent to, you brighten your own presence and awaken feelings such as peace, contentment and aliveness.

Practice :: This week while performing the tasks that fill up your day, start to pay attention to the details of your life unfolding moment-to-moment.

For example, while brushing your teeth, really feel the weight of the toothbrush in your hand and the slight sting of the mint on your gums.

As you eat your food, pay close attention to the texture of each bite, the different tastes unfolding as you chew and the feeling of your meal filling your belly.

While taking the garbage out, closely pay attention to the graceful movement of your feet as they move, the cool night air on your skin and the mystery of the stars in the sky above.

As you consciously take in each moment, notice the feelings of peace, gratitude and contentment that start to awaken.

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