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Mindful Monday :: The Spaciousness of Silence



Your Chattering Mind is a loud and active place most days.

And the more your Chattering Mind is stimulated by television, computers, smart phones, video games and music, the louder and more solid-feeling your Chattering Mind becomes.

Underneath all the noise of our technological world and the Chattering Mind is a ground of silence.

You can hear it when you switch off all your electronic devices and allow your Inner Attention to step out of your inner dialogue and into the spacious clarity of the quiet.

Practice :: Awareness of Silence

This week, when you notice your Inner Attention is lost in the fog of your Chattering Mind, kindly invite your Inner Attention out of your chatter and into the silence around you.

If you need to unplug everything, go for it!

You may even need to get outside to a quiet spot under a tree.

As you shift your Inner Attention to silence, allow the spaciousness of the silence into your Inner Attention.

Let the space of the quiet remind you of the space of your Open Mind.

Bravely live into the spaciousness of your Open Mind by consciously and continuously letting the space of the silence into you attention.


  1. The silence. I’ve come to love the silence. I love that the pathway to it resides here, when we need the reminder.

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