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Mindful Monday :: Your Open Heart



Opening bravely to the flow of life, to your Likes and Dislikes, Attachments and Resistance and all of the emotions that follow naturally moves you out of the small, solid-feeling Chattering Mind and closer to who you really are.

You are not just your always-changing Chattering Mind.

You are not just your ever-shifting Likes and Dislikes.

You are more than your fluctuating Attachments and Resistance.

And you are surely not your always-passing emotions.

Bravely opening to the flow of life and to your thoughts, feelings and emotions creates a natural space. And resting your Inner Attention in this space allows room for the fundamental qualities of your Open Heart—compassion, kindness, joy and acceptance—to awaken.

There is nothing magical, mystical or romantic about the qualities of your Open Heart.

Compassion, kindness, joy and acceptance are fundamental to being human.

However, they easily get lost under all the noise in your Chattering Mind.

Through practice you are able to remember and cultivate them when you consciously let the stories go and bravely open to the flow of life.

Practice :: This week, use the Guided Awareness Meditation each night before you go to bed. Let it remind you of your Open Mind and Open Heart. Through out the week, remember that you are not just your Chattering Mind, you also are your open, receptive mind and compassionate, kind heart.

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