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Mindful Monday :: Compassion


Opening fully to the flow of life naturally awakens your compassion.

Think back to the example of breaking your arm.

When you were unconsciously caught up in Dislike and Resistance to your broken arm, this led to feelings of fear, anger and anxiety.

However, when you were able to courageously open to your situation and discomfort, you created the space for your natural compassion to arise towards yourself and others in your situation.

You noticed you were lost and disconnected from the aliveness of you in the present moment.

You could see and feel how this felt small, confining and even painful. And you remembered to come out of your Chattering Mind and into your Open Mind, compassionately and bravely being with your Chattering Mind’s stories and emotions.

This led you to know first-hand how easy it is to get lost and disconnected from the moment.

You now know how uncomfortable it is to feel like a small, static, stuck self.

So when you see family members, friends or even strangers lost in their Chattering Mind’s stories about a challenging situation, you understand where they really are.

This understanding naturally awakens your desire to help and support—your compassion.

Practice :: This week, when you are interacting with family, friends, teachers and classmates remember your own Open Mind and Heart.

When you notice you are interacting from your Chattering Mind, feel your breath and body and allow your heart to open.

Bring the wisdom of your Open Mind and the compassion of your Open Heart to each interaction.

No matter where your friend may be coming from within themselves, remember their capacity for wisdom and compassion too.

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