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Mindful Monday :: Kindness


Opening bravely to the flow of life wakes up your natural kindness.

Remember the example of sharing your favorite outfit with your sister?

When you met Like with your Open Mind, you were able to open to your kindness and generosity.

You may not have shared your favorite outfit, but in your kindness you were able to help support your sister.

You see how deeply connected we are to one another.

Not only do we share the same air, water and planet with every being, but the life that flows through you flows through every life form on the planet.

Shaking off your own small Chattering Mind and seeing the largeness of your interconnectedness reveals that being kind to everyone you meet is the only thing that really makes sense.

This kindness spills over into how you see the stories of your own Chattering Mind.

The worry, the judgment, the fear all come from the Chattering Mind’s sense of being small and disconnected.

You are kinder to yourself when you recognize you are lost in your Attachment and Resistance.

You remember this small self isn’t the whole story.

Remembering and feeling your connectedness with all of life creates a space for kindness towards your own limiting stories for what they are—just stories.

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