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Mindful Monday :: Joy



When you are courageously opening to the flow of life, you are naturally more joyful.

Think back to the example of the tendency to Check Out during your chores and how this dulls your experience of life.

When you wake up your senses to the warmth of the dishwater on your hands or the largeness of the night sky as you take the garbage out, a natural joy and aliveness awakens in you.

You are intimately connected to the cosmos, the earth and this intelligent life flowing through everyone.

Opening to this connection allows you to relax and go more confidently with the flow.

Joyfully, you understand that you are so much more than your small, repetitive Chattering Mind.

You see clearly the intelligent and interconnected flow of life that moves the planets and stars, shifts winter into spring and flawlessly moves you from being a baby to a toddler to a teen.

From your Open Mind you can acknowledge and joyfully feel the mystery and the goodness of your human life unfolding moment by moment.

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