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Mindful Monday :: A practice for working with feelings and emotions


CH5IMG1It can be very challenging at first to open to your feelings and emotions as they are happening.

The habit of getting swept into the Chattering Mind’s story and physical sensations is strong in all Adventurers.

So, a good place to start is to pay attention to where emotions begin—the feelings of Like, Dislike and Indifference.

Consciously beginning to see clearly and name Like, Dislike and Indifference when they arise and the emotions that naturally follow will help you to step out of the Chattering Mind’s closed system of reactions and suspend the stress response.

This creates some space around your feelings and emotions.

And this space begins to bring you back to your Open Mind and remind you of the fluid, dynamic Adventurer you truly are.

Practice :: As you move through your day, notice and name when you Like, Dislike or are Indifferent to an object, situation, experience or person.

Seeing and naming your Likes, Dislikes and Indifference begins to return your awareness to your Open Mind and the Present Moment, moving you out of the closed system of the Chattering Mind.

Consciously note the strong pull to get caught up in what follows Like, Dislike and Indifference—Attachment and Resistance.

At the same time notice how noticing brings you into a conscious relationship with your experience!

Allow this conscious relationship to move you back into your Open Mind and Open Heart.

Let your Breath Awareness, Body Awareness and Awareness of Silence be anchors for you in the Present Moment.

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