Kids User Guide to a Human Life

a book series offering 9 to 12 year-olds fun, practical information on how to live a life with less stress and more joy


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ABC 4 UTAH: Local Author Offers Peace and Stability… to Kids

“Today’s American culture values busyness… From an early age, [kids] learn to quickly move from one activity to the next, rarely taking time to rest. This constant activity can lead to stress, worry and illness. However, Brenner, along with many others, advocates for a different mindset, claiming that there is a better way to live…”

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KPCW: The Mountain Life

“In today’s edition of The Mountain Life, hosts Lynn Ware Peek and Tim Henney speak with Rebecca Brenner.  She lives here in Park City and has written a guide to being a kid and navigating a human life.  It’s called The Kids’ User Guide to a Human Life: Book One: An Open Mind…”

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HEALTHY KIDS CORNER RADIO: Interview with the Author & Artist

“The book’s challenge to the reader is to look deeply into the Chattering Mind, know fully the Open Mind, and be able to consciously manage the relationship between the two.  When the Chattering Mind takes over, it is difficult for any new, fresh information to get in.  When left unchecked, this internal chatter can wreak havoc on one’s health and life. In order to develop this awareness, the book asks that you use a sub-tool of your Inner Navigator, Your Inner Attention…”

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“Wouldn’t it be so cool if there were a guide for kids and it was illustrated to feed these ideas to them at a younger age, so when they’re 20, 30, 40 or 60 years old, they’re not grappling with these basic skills for living a happy, healthy life…”

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Author Rebecca Brenner is Mindful about Mental Health

“As you remember that you can be in the moment, whether you are driving your car or washing your dishes, you consciously come out of the flood of discursive thoughts that flood your mind,” Brenner said…

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THE PARK RECORD: Parkite Pens a Guide to Help the Youth Deal with a Chattering Mind

“In order to write the books in a way that would appeal to younger readers, Brenner had to think differently than her adult self… ‘Since the book is for children around ages 9 to 12, I imagined an older aunt talking to a 9-year-old me as I was writing,’ she said…”

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