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June 23, 2014
by kidsuserguide

Soak in the Silence

Along with your breath and body, Silence can also anchor you back into your Open Mind and the Present Moment. Your Chattering Mind is a loud and active place most days. And the more your Chattering Mind is stimulated by television, computers, smart phones, video … Continue reading

June 16, 2014
by kidsuserguide

Hang On and Be Brave Adventurous Ones!

Sit and take the time to know your chatter deeply. Compassionately notice everything about each story in your Chattering Mind. Is this story driven by fear? False beliefs? Not deserving? Where did the story come from? Is it really true? … Continue reading

June 13, 2014
by kidsuserguide
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Keep It Simple, Adventurous Ones.

Deepen your Breath… and Pay Attention… to your wildly wondrous human adventure!

May 27, 2014
by kidsuserguide


Both your Chattering Mind and Open Mind are important parts of your Inner Navigator and each has specific skills that are necessary for your adventure.

How your adventure unfolds and the quality of your adventure has a lot to do with knowing how each operates and relates to the other.

This, Great Adventurer, just might be the most exciting (and sometimes treacherous) part of your adventure—to look deeply into your own Chattering Mind, to know fully your Open Mind and to have a conscious relationship between the two.

Take a few moments to look more deeply today.

How have you developed a conscious relationship between your Open Mind and your Chattering Mind?